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About us

When roaming about Minsk streets you turn from the Independence Avenue into one of the labyrinths of Minsk courtyards near the abandoned tramway depot you may get into a whirlpool of ideas, talks and events. In a white compact building among narrow corridors and cosy halls there is a place of meeting of writers and readers, critics and devotees. It is an independent public platform where the exchange of thoughts among creative people happens. And there is more than that. This is a Lohvinaŭ Publishing House which includes a bookstore, a publishing house, a printing house and a public organization.

Lohvinaŭ appeared in 2000 as a small publishing house that was specialized in issuing alternative literature. Today after 15 years of their activity Lohvinaŭ is the cultural institution which provides the independent intellectual and cultural production, moreover it forms the tastes of the readership in Belarus. All these years the publishing house has actively shaped the literary landscape of the country by publishing the books of the key contemporary Belarusian writers: Andrej Chadanovič, Uładzimir Arłoŭ, Aleś Razanaŭ, Valancin Akudovič, Natalka Babina, Ihar Babkoŭ, Adam Hłobus, Volha Hapiejeva, Alhierd Bacharevič, Viktar Marcinovič, Artur Klinaŭ, Pavał Kaściukievič, Maryja Martysievič, etc.

Today Lohvinaŭ publishing house represents Belarus at the European book-fairs in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Prague, Warsaw etc. It collaborates actively with foreign cultural centers, publishes foreign literature in translation into Belarusian.

Cultural policy of the publishing house is realized through the book-store Lohvinaŭ which has worked for 5 years already and functioned as one of the centers of the literary life in Belarus. Not only the books issued by Lohvinaŭ are presented here, but also the books by other independent Belarusian publishing houses. For several years the book-store Lohvinaŭ has organized the literary readings of writers from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, Switzerland, Japan and prepared the literary festivals of foreign literatures the aim of which was to acquaint the Belarusians with the best examples of the world literature and culture. The book-store Lohvinaŭ works in the centre of Minsk as a part of independent alternative platform “Ў” Gallery.

The activity of the organization was recognized by the international community. In 2014 International Publishers Association Freedom awarded Ihar Lohvinaŭ with the Publish Prize for Exemplary Courage In Upholding Freedom Of Expression And Freedom To Publish.


Phone: +375 17 290-63-06
Bookstore: lohvinau.trade@gmail.com
Publishing House: lohvinau.press@gmail.com

Niezaliezhnasci 37А, Minsk
Everyday: from 12:00 to 22:00